Fire alarms

Fire Detection systems protect both life and property. They alert workers and external emergency services to unexpected and dangerous incidents, and allow appropriate and timely action to be taken to evacuate the property.

Fire Alarms have a life safety function to warn the occupants within the building in the event of fire. The alarm can be activated through a manual operation, such as by operating a manual call point, or by automatic detection, which can come in many forms such as a: smoke or heat point detection, beam detection, air sampling detection or Linear Heat detection cable.

On activation of the alarm, the system must have sufficient warning output devices in the form of electronic sounders or bells to warn all the occupants to leave the building by the nearest exit.The fire alarm system may also be connected to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), which will automatically call the Fire & Rescue Service.

However, it is critical that this piece of life safety equipment is installed correctly and properly maintained.

If you would like to pursue these this system for your premises please call to discuss